Boone Watershed Partnership

The Boone Watershed Partnership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with local users, regional, state and federal entities, educators and others to identify and address water resource issues in the Boone Watershed, an area of about 686 square miles lying in Sullivan, Washington, Unicoi, and Carter Counties of Tennessee and Washington County of Virginia.

We have a new GIS Boone Watershed Map

Jana Archer, BWP member and ETSU graduate student, has developed a new map for BWP.  Since it uses all the current GIS technology and data, the map is more detailed than our previous map.  We plan on using this map to help educate the public about our watershed and the projects that BWP is currently working on.  As a bonus, Jana produced a second map with the impaired creeks identified.  This map will again help us with our education/outreach efforts.