History of BWP

The Boone Watershed Partnership (BWP) has worked to address pollution and litter problems in Boone Lake and its tributaries for more than 15 years.  BWP and its partners have actively worked to address water quality on Doe River, Buffalo Creek, Steele Creek Park, Beaver Creek, Gap Creek and Sinking Creek.

Boone Watershed Partnership, Inc. became chartered in August 2006, and operates as a 501(3)c non-profit group of volunteers who are interested in addressing local water quality.  The group works with key stakeholders, to identify issues, long-term goals and actions to involve the community living within the watershed. 

The objectives of the organization are to:

  • Share information and be a point of contact on water quality issues among partners, water users and the public;
  • Develop a consensus on priorities and actions needed to address regional issues;
  • Marshal resources to carry out needed actions and develop best management practices; and
  • Promote awareness on the importance of water quality to the regional economy and to the quality of life of watershed residents.