Enhance the quality of life within Boone Watershed by improving water quality.


Partner with local users, regional, state and federal entities, educators and others to identify and address water resource issues in the Boone Watershed.



Boone Watershed Partnership April General Meeting

 The public is invited to the next General Meeting of Boone Watershed Partnership, Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm  at the Johnson City Public Library

 Mr. Lee Gentry, P. E., Principal and Vice President at LDA Engineering who leads the Water Resources and Stormwater Engineering Discipline will be discussing

 “Founders Park:  A Watershed BMP in Disguise”.

 Municipal projects driven by factors other than storm water quality can result in an incremental storm water quality improvement that may go unnoticed in the “Big Picture.”  A good example is the recently completed Founders Park project in Johnson City, Tennessee.  The project consisted of the removal of an old warehouse and a 70-year old Brush Creek culvert running beneath the warehouse, construction of an open channel to replace the old culvert, and the development of a green space along the stream.  The project is the first major step in the revitalization of the historic section of downtown, and it also contributes to the improvement of local drainage.  However, while these were the main drivers, the project also provides an incremental improvement in storm water quality through runoff volume and pollutant load reduction, filtering of much of the site runoff through the grassed areas, and aeration of the urban stream by a series of cascades originally constructed for aesthetic reasons.  This presentation will discuss the project and show how it functions as a watershed BMP in helping the City toward meeting its MS4 and TMDL goals.   

 A walking tour of the Park will follow the presentation, weather permitting.

 Mr. Lee Gentry, P. E., Principal and Vice President at LDA Engineering leads the Water Resources and Stormwater Engineering Discipline.  Lee has a degree in Civil Engineering from Auburn University, and is a licensed Professional Engineer.  He has more than 40 years of experience in a wide variety of water resources engineering work, including storm water management, drainage infrastructure design, watershed assessments, and flood control systems.