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Partner with local users, regional, state and federal entities, educators and others to identify and address water resource issues in the Boone Watershed.




BWP Announces 2016 Aquatic Stewardship Awards

INDUSTRY- Jason Foster of LDA Engineering for his role in the Johnson City Public Library Storm water Infiltration Bed project. Jason was involved from the start with developing the idea, writing a successful grant proposal, costing the project, and providing complimentary engineering services to develop the design of the infiltration bed.

The bed captures at minimum the first 0.3” of rainfall from the library roof, diverting it from the Johnson City storm water system and putting it into the ground. This helps in a small way to alleviate downtown flooding, but in a more significant way to serve as a demonstration project for a storm water retrofit involving green infrastructure.

This project was one part of a larger 3-part project at the library to support natural landscapes through 1) the infiltration bed, 2) a redesign of the library gardens to support pollinators, and 3) educational opportunities for all ages on flooding, earthworms and soil, native plants, downtown development, and rain barrels. The BWP was a partner in the rain barrel workshop held in October 2015.  

 Four entities have been selected for the Watauga Bluff State Natural Area Access.

CIVIC VOLUNTEER -Overmountain Chapter Trout Unlimited-Provided planning and labor building the parking lot and trail and will maintain the parking lot and trail and provide river litter clean-ups.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT-Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency-Provided planning and labor as well as funding for the parking lot and trail.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT-Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Tennessee State Parks and Natural Areas, Division of Natural Areas, Manages the property.  They provided planning and labor, as well as funding for the parking lot and trail.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT-Tennessee Valley Authority- Provided planning and labor, as well as funding for the parking lot and trail.

Watauga River Bluffs is a 50-acre natural area located in Carter County along the Watauga River. Its most conspicuous feature is the steep slope that drops more than 200 feet to the river's edge. The slope and the narrow bluffs make up most of the 50 acres. It is ecology noteworthy because Watauga River Bluff supports the largest known population of the state listed Carolina pink (Silene caroliniana).

Until this project was completed there was no public access to the Natural Area and the Watauga River in this section. The public access was built as a joint project of the Division of Natural Areas, TWRA, TVA and the Overmountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited. The project included building a parking area with room for eight vehicles and a 1 mile trail to access the Watauga River.  In addition, two benches were installed at the trailhead. TWRA patrols the area and the Overmountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited maintains the trail and parking lot and sponsor trail clean-up days.


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