Sinking Creek Project

The Sinking Creek Stream Restoration Project was funded in part through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to address the presence of bacterial pollution in Sinking Creek. Sinking Creek is listed on the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s “impaired waters” list due to of high levels of E. coli, which is introduced by human/animal waste, and which can affect human health if ingested.  Sinking Creek originates in Washington County and flows through residential areas in Johnson City and Carter County.  Residents are aware that it is posted, warning the public to avoid contact with the water. Phase 1 of the Sinking Project, included financial assistance to 24 homeowners to defray the cost of hooking up to the sanitary sewer.  Additionally, BWP assisted homeowners 5 septic tank/drainfield repairs to keep bacteria from entering the creek.  Finally, 1 agricultural partnership was performed with an associated cattle exclusion project.  Eventually, an opportunity was presented to have a substantial impact on stream water quality through the construction of an urban wetland on City property.  This began Phase 2 of the Sinking Creek Restoration Project, which morphed into the Jacob's Nature Park at Sinking Creek.  Find out more about the park by clicking here.