Beaver Creek Project

BWP received grant funds from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture  to assist homeowners and landowners along Beaver Creek in Bristol and Sullivan County, Tennessee with solutions to bank erosion problems affecting their property and the quality of water in the creek. These problems included steep or “cut” banks where the creek is washing away property and run-off from impervious areas like parking lots.

The following summary provides specific information about the project.





1,000 square foot Rain Garden demonstration  site to manage stormwater from City Hall Parking Lot

Reduce stormwater run-off from the parking lot that would otherwise discharge to Beaver Creek.  Parking lot runoff can introduce harmful pollutants.  The garden performs filtration of rain water through the soil.  It is planted with numerous, hardy native wildflowers which will attract birds, butterflies and bees.


City of Bristol, TN

Tennessee and Virginia Master Gardeners

Volunteers who planted and mulched the garden

Engineering and construction oversight provided by Brushy Fork Environmental Consultants, LLC.

Stream Bank                   Repair on  Commercial Property (800 Linear Feet)

Streambank stabilization is important for  water quality because it reduces the amount of sediment introduced to and carried by the stream, and if vegetated, provides a buffer that can filter pollutants and excess water before they reach the stream. Stream stabilization efforts have an important economic impact to property owners too. 


Project design and construction performed by Brushy Fork Environmental Consultants, LLC.

Materials, cash and labor provided by Charles Earhart, property owner.

Stream Bank Repair on                Residential Property on Shady Brooke Dr.

In a rapidly urbanizing watershed, the increased amount of hard surfaces can reduce the streams natural ability to transport the water to the lake, resulting in flooding, erosion, and other problems.


Homeowner Michael Johnson
Charles Earhart
Brushy Fork Environmental Consulting, LLC